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I am an investment advisor working in wealth management. I specialize in creating personalized investment strategies. I work to protect my client’s financial situation, and to grow their investments, while at the same time adding value by reducing taxes and fees. I strive to obtain the highest possible return with the lowest possible risk through my investment approach.

I also help my clients by acting as a centre of influence to refer them to the best experts in other professional fields, such as tax specialist, estate planners, as well as mortgage, and commercial loan advisors.

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Identifying attractive investment opportunities is achieved through a rigorous due diligence process that evaluates risk while identifying catalysts for increased upside. Our due diligence process evaluates opportunities based on a macro-economic approach and a unique target approach.

Our alternative investments span various industries throughout the globe and are comprised of established, growth-oriented as well as start-up businesses. We help companies grow their core business, launch new initiatives, make key acquisitions and even upgrade technologies to support their long-term strategy and vision.

  • Bluecap
  • Hôpitel
  • MAVAN Capital Partners

The purpose of Mutual Funds has always been to offer investors a way to diversify their portfolio within a certain target market or industry, and thus mitigate some of the risk associated with picking individual securities.

However, in today’s financial marketplace, there are over 15000 funds trading in North America alone, with almost twice that number worldwide and that can be a daunting number to pick from.

Our mandate is to help sift through this mass of data and identify the leading industry funds around the world.

That allows us to match the right type of fund for each client’s current and future needs. Whether it be on income generating fund in North America, or a growth fund in Asia, our capacity to diversify our offering allows us to meet each individual investor’s needs.

  • BMO
  • Edgepoint
  • Dynamic Funds
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